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Recorded at Some Desperate Studio, San Francisco, California.


released April 21, 2013



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Some Desperate Glory San Francisco

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Track Name: Devil's in the Details
You make me so confused
Between truth and lies
You don’t pull the trigger
Till you see the whites of my eyes

It should come
As no surprise
The Devil’s in the Details

Sometimes you say Yes
But you really mean No
Sometimes you say Stop
But you really mean Go

I think I understand
But I never really know
The Devil’s in the details

The Devil made me do it
I had my chance
But I blew it

The Devil made me do it
It was wrong
And I knew it
Track Name: Got Me Wondering
Got Me Wondering

Who is this girl with the golden hair?
I’d like to talk but I wouldn’t dare

I saw her I was standing in a Muni train
I was soaked, I was dripping, I’d been caught in the rain

Her hair was in braids she had a painted eye
She had an old bike and a younger guy

You run with the hares and you run with the hounds
You got me wondering
It seems to me that you own this town
You got me wondering

You run with the hounds and you run with the herd
You got me wondering
I’m sure that you know that this is absurd
You got me wondering

I saw her last week at Dolores Park
I had to get home it was getting dark

I saw her at a restaurant just the other day
She doesn’t have to wait she just gets her way

I saw her at the airport she was dressed to the nines
Is this the same woman I see all time?
Track Name: Whistling Past the Graveyard
Whistling Past the Graveyard

We’re eating our seed corn
Burning all our tools
Future generations
Will regard us as fools

We build the tower higher
Fueled by so much debt
We’ll reach the end of the rope
But we haven’t quite yet

Our empire in decline
Hoist by our own petard
We line up for new iPhones (We watch the Real Housewives)
Whistling past the graveyard

Times are changing
We may be going down hard
We settle down for the Superbowl (We try to hit the powerball)
Whistling past the graveyard

Willfully ignorant
We confuse desire and fact
We’ve frozen the gears
Without the courage to act

We’re closing our eyes
To what’s going on
Don’t notice the train leaving
Till it’s already gone

It’s not too late
It’s not too late
This is my plea
It’s not too late
Track Name: We Are Alive
We Are Alive

Everybody’s got a story to tell
Everybody’s got something to sell
Why won’t they just let me be?

Everybody’s gotta talk some trash
Everybody’s got their hands on my cash
Why won’t they just let me be?

We are alive
We are alive

Everybody’s says what’s on their mind
Everybody’s running out of time
Why won’t they just let me be?

Everybody thinks they’re owed a living
Everybody could be more forgiving
Why won’t they just let me be?

We’re all just doing our best
Trying to find our way
We could all just use some rest
Fight again another day but...
Track Name: Bad Check
Bad Check

I thought you knew better
Then to come to me again
You’ve played this card before
And I’m no longer your friend

I thought you knew better
Then to come to me like this
But you’ve got nobody else
You’re on the edge of the abyss

I thought you knew better
But I guess that I was wrong
I can’t erase the past
Life just rolls along

You wrote me
A bad check
But you’re gonna pay

You wrote me
A bad check
Like the night gives way to day

You think that money (money!)
Grows on trees
But you're gonna pay

You think you can do
What you please
But you're gonna pay
(Hear the 909 play)

You tell me what you did
Then you tell me what to do
You say that it’s so hard
This life you're living through

But if you don't have your word
Then you are truly poor
If you don't understand by now
Well I can't tell you more

I see you for who you are
Not for who you want to be
You act like a user
Trying to feed off of me

It easy enough to see
That the well is running dry
Can't get blood from a stone
Don't care how hard you try
Track Name: Meeting My Deliverables
Meeting My Deliverables

The time for discussion is over
The time for talking has passed
The time when I have to deliver
Has come at last

It doesn’t matter how smart I think I am
It doesn’t matter what I’ve done
This is where it all comes together
Where word and deed are one

This is the time when I have to deliver
This is the time when I have to produce
I’ll be meeting my deliverables
There will be no excuse

I went to school for 22 years
You know that I’ve been trained for this
Now I just have to get it done
This is a duty I will not dismiss

I’m doing something I believe in
Something that needs to be done
I need to prove that I can do this
I need to prove that I’m the right one

Sometimes you have to dig deep
Sometimes you lose a little sleep
But climbing a mountain wouldn’t satisfy
If the slope weren’t at least a little steep
Track Name: Everybody's Searching
Everybody’s Searching

Everybody’s searching for
What we have
Everybody wants
A hand to hold

Everybody’s searching for
A smiling face
Everybody wants
To come in from the cold

Everybody’s searching
Everybody wants to find

Everybody’s searching
For what we found
Everybody’s searching
For a place to belong

Everybody’s searching
For solid ground
Everybody wants
To make right from wrong

I am so lucky
More blessed every day
I hit the jackpot
What more can I say?
Track Name: Master of My Heart
Master of My Heart

It’s nice to believe
Good things come to those who wait
But you always have that fear
You’re already too late

You are the master of my heart
I just try to play my part
You are the master of my heart
You made my life start

Sometimes your destiny
Is just right where you are
Sometimes your true life
Isn’t really that far

I thought I had it all
I thought I was happy
But when I finally had something to lose
My heart did not belong to me
Track Name: Nobody's Listening
Nobody’s Listening

I was sitting in a cafe
Saw the most curious sight
Everyone was talking at once
Something just didn’t seem right

There didn’t seem to be two sides
No one was nodding their head
Where was the meeting of the minds
Acknowledgement of what was said?

We’re all talking
But nobody’s listening
No one cares to close the loop

We’re all talking
But nobody’s listening
All about status in the group

It’s not about communication
It’s about getting there first
It’s not about being the best
But not being the worst

You can’t win every argument
Sometimes you’re gonna lose
You can’t fight all the battles
You gotta pick and choose

There are too many writers
Not enough readers
Too many people writing songs
Not enough people humming along
Track Name: Sympathetic Oscillation
Sympathetic Oscillation

Your emotional field lines
Extend through me
The smallest vibration
Is coupled easily

I know how you’re feeling
With just the slightest look
I know what goes on inside
I read you like a book

You can tell when I’m down
When I need a helping hand
We know the world around us
Is a castle built on sand

Sympathetic Oscillation
Cannot be undone
Doesn’t matter how far away
We still feel as one

Your frequency pulls me
To the same wavelength
Your care and understanding
Are what give me strength

People sometimes wonder
If there is meaning to all this
But to be connected to your heart
That’s the perfect kiss

There is no you
There is no me
In our sympathetic oscillation
There is only room for we